Hi there!

I’m PJ, dreamer and business coach behind Yoga Biz Coach. I’m here to support you on your business journey.

I especially love working with yogis who want to create something you’re truly passionate about, who’ve discovered being a yoga teacher gives an identity where you can truly feel like yourself.

I host the Yoga Biz Coach Podcast, with inspiring journeys, tips and advice from amazing yoga teachers all over the world. I also run Simplicity Retreats, providing rest and relaxation through nurturing yoga retreats in Canberra and the Kangaroo Valley, Australia.

My journey

I started my yoga business around the same time I entered motherhood.

Previously, I had a demanding career and was always on the go. Then a (gorgeous) little human took away all concept of time away from me.

I craved the ‘good old days’ when I could ‘escape’ to a yoga retreat. I’d drop everything and just go. I dreamt of being able to stop, to quiet my thoughts, to rest my body. To nurture my being.

The light bulb moment

Yet I knew if I could find a way to nurture myself, I would be able to give more to my baby, my husband and everyone else around me.

As I couldn’t get away, I decided to bring retreats to me. Together with an amazing yoga teacher, Gail Robertson, we created Simplicity Retreats in our beautiful home city of Canberra, Australia.

Over the years the business has grown to retreats ‘filling themselves’. We expanded interstate and have an amazing following of loyal clients. We’ve now hosted over sixty retreats and continue to provide relaxation to hundreds of wonderful guests.

Discovering a love of business 

I fell in love with creating a thriving business on something I was truly passionate about. I’ve discovered running a yoga business is a journey of personal growth and heart-felt fulfilment. It has given me an identity where I feel I am able to be me.

I am able to serve my community, be an example to my children and also nurture my own wellbeing.

The success led me to share and empower other women in their own business journey. I’ve ran workshops and guest speaking gigs, including at the Yoga Australia National ConferenceSummer’s End Yoga Festival and the Canberra Yoga Conference.

I created all this alongside a demanding day job and a busy young family.

Today, I am so grateful to support yoga teachers and teacher trainees in their business journey.

What’s the secret?

It’s simple.

Tenacity, faith and reaching out. Passion alone doesn’t drive success. It’s about backing yourself and building a support network around you.

It’s about always learning, improving and discovering systems to make your business (and life) easier. Mostly, it’s about finding creative ways to nurture yourself. Above all is self-care and making yourself the priority.

I invite you to get started today…

Ps. Some other tid bits about me…

  • I am very blessed to have my husband Greg and our two little yogis, Jacob and Matt.
  • I have 14 years experience in marketing, business development, customer service and administration
  • I am a geek at heart, playing with technology, hunting for systems and creating beautiful websites
  • I have been practising yoga for over 12 years and continue to learn everyday.
  • I am a Member of the Yoga AustraliaInternational Yoga Teachers Association and International Coach Federation.
  • I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • I love running, it’s my moving meditation, where I get lost and find myself at the same time.
  • I live in the beautiful city of Canberra, Australia