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Receive business coaching & workshop challenges
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Most importantly, it’s a space to celebrate!
  • Sometimes, we are our own worst critics
  • Being surrounded by caring, honest individuals will remind you of how far you have come
  • You will have others who have faith in you, can offer solutions and collaborate to take your yoga business to the next level


For the dreamers amongst us, visions of positive possibilities is so second-nature, it’s like breathing. We are often swimming in a stream of ideas abundantly flowing within us and through us.

Yet as fast as they come, so too, do they drift away. The moment passes, the motivation fades, and we’re left empty-handed. No action. No progress. Then back to daydreaming while we wait for the next spark.

  • What if you could harness this beautiful energy?
  • Where can you catch the thoughts & nurture them?
  • How do you know which voice to listen to?
  • What intentions do you most want to manifest?

As part of the Empowered Feminine Festival, this is a unique workshop to empower your vision through soulful goal-setting. Facilitated as a group coaching session, you will learn how to listen to, nurture your vision and learn step-by-step how to bring it to life.

No longer is goal-setting dull, dry or complicated. It’s about tapping within yourself and catching your vision into words of truth, whilst creating a path forward, full of clarity and confidence.

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Running a yoga business may be a path of many challenges, but it’s also one of personal growth and heart-felt fulfilment.

This workshop is perfect if you’re a new yoga teacher or building your yoga business on a side of a day job.

We will plan out how you can embrace the business of yoga even when you have limited time, money or experience. Reflect on your personal goals, map out your vision, and identify resources you have available.

This workshop will be part of the Summer’s End Yoga Festival. Join us for an insightful, interactive and practical session, to start you on the path of creating a thriving yoga business.


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This workshop is the perfect opportunity to take a breather, to nurture yourself and your yoga biz.

As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on your 2016 journey, appreciate the learnings and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Give yourself permission to set your intentions for 2017, start to identify your business goals and action plan for next year.

This workshop will be held as part of the Yoga Australia Annual General Meeting. It will be a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for yoga teachers.

Join us for an insightful insightful workshop will give you the clarity and confidence for yourself and your yoga biz!

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