The Yoga Biz Coach Podcast brings you amazing yoga teachers from around the world. Be inspired by their success doing what they most love to do. Learn practical tips and advice – then apply the magic in your own yoga business!


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Jaime Amor is a co-founder of the highly successful YouTube videos, Cosmic Kids Yoga and is based in Reading, England. In this episode we discuss practical ways to engage all children, conquering fears and aligning decision making to your main goal. Listen Now

Robyn Caddell of Elambah Coaching is based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. In this episode we discuss dealing with emotions, how to keep moving forward and using your life experience to be authentic in business. Listen Now

Ann Marie Johnston is the Founder of Yoga Mate and is based in Melbourne Australia. In this episode we discuss creating your brand personality, word-of-mouth marketing and being mindful on social media. Listen Now

Robyn Lewis is the Founder of Yoga Enlightenment and National Secretary of Yoga Australia. In this episode we discuss getting experience then finding your niche, insights to chair yoga and transitioning out of your day job. Listen Now

Gorana Bajcetic is co-founder of Green Yogi Traveler in Zagreb, Croatia. In this episode we discuss how to combine your knowledge and passions; as well as how to set up and manage yoga partnerships. Listen Now

Henrike Shreer is the managing director of Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community in Northern NSW, Australia. In this episode we discuss your business values, achieving your life purpose and finding courage to stand in your own space. Listen Now

Kate Potts is a yoga mentor and business coach from Iowa City, USA, and author of “The Art of Teaching Private Yoga’. In this episode we discuss how to find your niche, being strategic with your marketing and how to transition to private teaching. Listen Now

Jen Brown is the Festival Organiser of the Summer’s End Yoga Festival and Owner of Yogasana Fitness in Canberra Australia. In this episode we discuss how to move through self-doubt, stay focused on your strengths and take steps to build your confidence. Listen Now

Jules Shapiro owns Yoga Fusion Fitness in New York, USA. In this episode we discuss mentoring women in a wellness lifestyle, how to get students without having to sell and how to set up yoga packages and funnel your students. Listen Now

Jessica Hobson is the General Manager of the Yoga Foundation in Sydney Australia. In this episode we discuss mental health in the community, bridging the wellness gap to make yoga more accessible and attracting loyal students who share your values. Listen Now

Catherine Middlebrooks is owner of BRB Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee USA. In this episode we discuss how to design your business to live the life you want, as well as tips, equipment and processes to bring your yoga classes online. Listen Now

Nicole Walsh is owner of InYoga in Sydney, Australia. In this episode we discuss why you need to be passionate about everything you do, what to do after yoga teacher training and how to get started with your yoga teaching. Listen Now

Rua Hvitulv is a nerdy yogini and co-owner of Yoga Ruka. In this episode we discuss the courage to love yourself and go with your gut instinct, how to build a client base while travelling around the world and the importance of networking with other teachers. Listen Now

Irena Miller is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and owner of Yoga with Irena. In this episode we discuss the benefits of Seasonal Yoga, how embracing change helps with the ebbs and flow of business and how to create harmony between business and family. Listen Now

Mary-Louise Parkinson is President of the International Yoga Teacher’s Association and founder of the Asha Foundation. In this episode we discuss the changing landscape of yoga, how to uphold integrity in the yoga industry and professional development. Listen Now